Which treatment would be the best one for you? How to care for your face properly? Don’t worry! We are ready to answer all your questions and help you to know your skin better. CONSULTATION IS FREE.
Advice on which treatment to choose and skin care plan for next year or two. We will recommend skin care cosmetics thank to which your skin will regain its vibrant and youthful look. All of them can be easily applied at home.


Face&Neck with cream mask from 140zł
Face&Neck with algae mask from 150zł
Face&Neck with ampoula + algae mask from 160zł
Face&Neck&Neckline with cream mask from 160zł
Face&Neck&Neckline with algae mask from 170zł
Face&Neck&Neckline with ampoula + algae mask from 180zł

No-Needle MesoTherapy by SKEYNDOR

Face(moisturizing, vitamin,anti-wrinkle cocktail with Vit. C) from 160zł
Face (Messofiller – wrinkle filling, Mesobright – whitening and brightening) from 190zł
Face, Neck and Neckline (mousturizing, vitamin, anti-wrinkle cocktail with Vit. C) from 190zł
Face, Neck and Neckline (Messofiller – wrinkle filling, Mesobright – whitening, brightening) from 210zł

Cleansing Treatments

Face Cleanse + 2 masks (tightening&algae) + ampoula in accordance with skin type) from 130zł
Basic Back Cleanse from 100zł
Basic Cleanse + 2 masks from 160zł
Ultra-Sound Cavitation Skin Cleanse from 60zł

Exclusive Beauty Treatments by SKEYNDOR Technology


Power C+ 200zł
Power etinol 210zł
Aquatherm 230zł
Power Oxygen 250zł
Eternal 270zł
Global Lift 290zł
Timeless Prodigy 600zł

Care and Moisturizing Treatments.

Pyruvic-Acid Treatment 250zł
Golden Caviar 230zł
Energy System 250zł
Beauty Neck 230zł
Anti stress Chocolate 250zł
Brightening Treatment 230zł
Almond Peeling with NEO GLIS products 160zł