Hair care

  • Hair SPA from 70 zł relaxing and moisturizing treatment combined with massage – paradise for senses. Calms, reduces tension, improves blood circulation and general feeling.
  • Strengthening Therapy from 35 zł – rebuilds hair cuticle, reduces losses, smoothes and nourish.
  • Moisturizing Therapy – from 35 zł – algae and aloe extract moistures and rebuilds hair.
  • After Colouring Therapy from 35 zł – prevents splitting ends, energizes colouring hair, ensures long- lasting shining and intensity of the colour.
  • Volume Therapy from 35 zł – the best one for thin and delicate hair, after the treatment hair is volumized, soft, supple and full of energy.
  • Anit-Age Therapy from 70 zł- treatment mainly for hair that with age gets dull, tired and oversensitive. Therapy is based on cosmetics with fatty acids Omega 3, antioxidant lycopene which prevents free radicals and rice proteins to strengthen and soften hair. Visible effect of youthful hair: elasticity, tightness, softness and shine.
  • Total Repair from 70 zł deep regeneration for dry, destroyed and very destroyed hair. After treatment hair is stronger, regenerated, shiny and smooth.
  • Reconstruction Joico 119 zł
  • OLAPLEX 150 zł

New IN!

Anti-Hair Loss Treatment (1 ampoule 35 zl). It is necessary to undergo all 6 parts of the therapy and as a maintaining treatment buy a special shampoo to apply at home – it prolongs life of existing hair. Technologically advanced formula relaxes stiffen collagen fibres, which is the cause of hair loss (we strongly recommend this treatment also for Men).